Privacy Matters

Could the Olympic 'security' zone encompass the entire City of Boston?

Photo: Gabe Camacho

Murder in Guantanamo

My Lai massacre, 1968. Ronald B.Haeberle/Wikicommons. Public domain.

Massachusetts state police take dodging public records requests to strange new low

The Massachusetts state public records law is among the weakest in the nation. But even the toothless statute doesn't allow for flagrantly improper behavior like this, via the Bay State Examiner:

Boston police special operations officers refuse to answer questions about mysterious van at Black Lives Matter protest

Help! What is this thing? Spotted at the Black Lives Matter protest today in Boston, on a truck with commercial plates. I saw the same piece of technology at an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York in 2012, and wrote about it here. I'm still not clear on what, exactly, it's for.

British spy agency sees investigative journalists akin to dangerous terrorists

GCHQ. Photo credit.

James Comey is outraged about anonymous quotes

The Director of the FBI, James Comey, is outraged that the New York Times  gave an al Qaeda official anonymity to discuss the Paris attacks. Outraged!

From the Times:

35 former GITMO prison guards look to become police officers in Massachusetts

Are you a former GITMO prison guard? Do you want to become a police officer in Massachusetts? There's a fast track for that.

For $2,500, returning GITMO guards can attend a police training workshop facilitated by a Worcester police officer who also works for the Massachusetts National Guard. The training program is hosted by the Worcester Police Department, which reportedly expects to recruit from among the graduates.

Boston's Mayor Walsh hasn't substantively replied to an Olympics related public records request

Muckrock editorial intern Anna Geary-Meyer filed a public records request with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's office in December 2014 seeking information about Boston's 2024 Olympic bid. Over one month later, she hasn't received a substantive response.

Her December 2014 request sought:

Rapper 2 Chainz tells Nancy Grace about his experience with the police over small amounts of marijuana

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