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St. Louis appears to have dropped prosecutions to protect stingray surveillance from legal challenge

Protesters in Ferguson marching behind a St. Louis County police SUV. Photo credit.

Five disturbing things about the FBI and local police stingray surveillance programs

Thanks to the ACLU, independent privacy researchers, and journalists, the iron wall of state secrecy surrounding local police deployments of stingray cell phone surveillance is slowly melting away. Here are five things you need to know about stingray spying.

Lawyer representing police whistleblowers says department tried to install malware on his computer during discovery process

An Arkansas lawyer representing police whistleblowers has filed a motion for sanctions after discovering spyware on a hard drive government officials mailed to him. The hard drive supposedly contained discovery information related to police whisltblower litigation.

ABA Journal reports:

Hamas says Israel sent a butterfly drone to Gaza to look for captured Israeli soldiers

Image: Al-Majd

Journalist Mohammed Omar reports that Hamas says Israel is using butterfly-shaped drones equipped with what sounds like facial recognition technology to locate kidnapped Israeli soldiers in Gaza:

Drug war agency collected billions of US call records without any court oversight—and your local cops can get your records, too

In just the latest evidence that the drug war is the primary driver of the surveillance state in the US, we've recently learned that the nation's federal law enforcement agency tasked with fighting the war on drugs was sucking up billions of records of our communications long before the NSA started doing it.

Chicago lawsuit against Facebook says media giant violated Illinois biometrics privacy law

A class action lawsuit against Facebook says the data-hungry social media giant violated the Illinois Biometrics Information Privacy Act when it created the world’s largest face-print database without informing users of exactly how their images would be used or obtaining written consent to perform biometric searches on them.

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