Privacy Matters

US drones, torture used in hunt for Mexican druglord

Mexican marines wait to board a US Navy ship for training exercises.

DHS is having an identity crisis

Taking the whole farm: John Oliver interviews Keith Alexander

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John Oliver, formerly of The Daily Show, has his own platform now, and he's used it to get an interview with former NSA director Keith Alexander. As usual Alexander minces words and makes it seem like the NSA doesn't collect information on US persons.

Norwood police have no Google Glass policy, despite piloting the tech

Image courtesy Loic Le Meur

'Probably up to no good': How the CIA and local police classify and repress men of color

Words are powerful. In the context of civil liberties and state power, two phrases are particularly powerful, with sometimes devastating consequences for mostly black and brown men and boys: ‘suspected terrorist’ and ‘gang member’.

After Boston, the FBI needs tighter rules to govern investigations

Bay Area transit police conduct militarized training exercises with TSA

Screencap of KTVU coverage, courtesy @marymad

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