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Not your grandma's television: New 'smart' TVs wiretap you in your own home

The Brennan Center's Michael Price has an incredible blog up about new so-called 'smart' televisions. He just bought one, he says, and was shocked to discover it came with a nearly 50 page privacy policy. Once you put one of these suckers in your home, however, privacy is a distant memory.

Vermont police captured 7.9 million location records but solved fewer than five crimes with them

License plate readers enable police and private companies to collect and retain records showing where we drive, and when. All over the country, police and corporations are keeping detailed records of our movements. In most states there are no laws regulating the use of this information. It amounts to warrantless, dragnet location tracking.

The government expects us to trust it with unlimited surveillance powers, but it's not trustworthy in the slightest

There's a lot of impersonating going on at federal intelligence agencies!

Here's the DEA, impersonating a woman by creating a fake Facebook profile using photographs agents seized from her phone to try to ensnare drug dealers:

It's too late for Robel Phillipos, but it isn't too late to learn from his mistake

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

Feds overwhelmingly use sneak and peeks in drug cases, not to fight terrorism

EFF highlights new warrant reporting from the federal government that confirms what we already know: Federal agencies are using powers granted to them to fight "terrorists" against suspected drug dealers.

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