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It’s not just the NSA: local prosecutors can get your data without a warrant, too

This guest post was written by ACLU of Massachusetts legal fellow Nashwa Gewaily

FBI Director admits to warrantless cell phone location tracking, citing 'relevance' standard

After dodging the question for months and flat out refusing to answer the ACLU's public records requests seeking clarity on it, the FBI has finally ‘fessed up and admitted that it does not obtain a probab

Clapper and Comey want congress to give the FBI power to access more data about us

In a thoroughly disturbing so-called ‘oversight’ hearing this morning in the senate, FBI Director James Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper offered a defense of CISPA-like government surveillance operations, without ever mentioning the name of the notorious bill.

Juice Rap News takes on the TPP, endless war, and privacy

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Entire Massachusetts delegation co-sponsors USA Freedom

UPDATE: The entire Massachusetts congressional delegation is now co-sponsoring the USA Freedom Act.

Did this Tor developer become the first known victim of the NSA's laptop interception program?

UPDATE (1/27/14): Shepard says she reached out to the seller and was told they entered the wrong tracking number. She hasn't received the package yet.

This week in police militarization

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Edward Snowden on the real harms from dragnet surveillance

A record of everything you've ever done, just in case someone in power ever wants to use it against you. Snowden hits the nail on the head.

The worst and happening-right-now harm of bulk collection — which again, is a euphemism for mass surveillance — is two-fold.

Google and Verizon report explosion in government data requests, heavy reliance on metadata spying

Google and Verizon have released relatively detailed transparency reports, showing for the first time how many subpoenas, court orders, search warrants, and wiretap orders they received during the first six months of 2013 and the year, respectively. The results confirm what we already knew: When law enforcement officials can obtain our private records without warrants, they use that power to the max.

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