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NSA records hundreds of millions of phone calls and can rewind to listen on a "hunch"

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We need to know why DHS is an NSA intelligence "customer", and what that means

We've heard it a million times: the government failed to "connect the dots" after 9/11. While this is a very simplistic (and arguably false) summation of the main intelligence failures that led to the attacks, it has nonetheless largely shaped US intelligence and law enforcement policy in the ensuing decade plus.

Pay attention to the FBI: "PRISM is a team sport"

Ever since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on dragnet surveillance, national media attention has largely focused on the National Security Agency. It makes sense. The NSA is shadowy, enormous, and incredibly powerful. The technological capabilities at NSA far outshine those at other government agencies. But the FBI has more of an impact on the day to day lives of people throughout the United States, and can lock up people in prison.

Collect it all: Greenwald on the NSA

After police and corporate secrecy on cell phone sniffers, will Boston cops be forthright with the public?

Photo credit: Ed Schipul

We’ve heard a lot lately about police departments’ use of cell phone sniffers called “Stingrays”. These devices, technically called IMSI catchers, sniff out the identities, metadata, and sometimes even content from cell phones within a given geographic area.

CBP awards no-bid contract for drone footage streaming, claiming it's about "disaster" response

Did you know Customs Border Patrol's Office of Information and Technology (OIT), Border Enforcement and Management System Division (BEMSD) does "natural disaster" first responder work? Neither did I!

June 5, 2014: Reset the Net

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