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DOJ pilot program in Boston conflates innocuous teen behaviors with potential 'violent extremism'

FBI director James Comey

Leader of St. Louis area KKK says he's had 'off the record' conversations with police about protests

Frank Ancona, the leader of the Klu-Klux-Klan in St. Louis, told MSNBC's Chris Hayes that his "friends" have been talking to area law enforcement about Ferguson protests, and that the police are frustrated. Ancona said the Klan could use "lethal force" against Darren Wilson protesters he calls "criminals."

"That's why they giving drug offenders time in double digits"

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Does awareness of pervasive monitoring preclude our "reasonable expectation" to have privacy?

A new Pew study shows that Americans overwhelmingly feel concerned about their lack of personal privacy in the digital age. People are aware that government and corporations are tracking them, and they don't like it, the study says.

Report: NYPD considering armed drones

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DOJ COPS program gave state and local police $14 billion over twenty years

The misnamed Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) office at the Department of Justice today announced it has funded over $14 billion in programming, staffing, and technology grants for state and local law enforcement over the past twenty years.

EVENT: The militarization of the police and how to fight back

This Thursday November 13 I'll be giving a talk at the Asian Community Development Corporation in the Community Room at the Metropolitan (38 Oak Street, Boston, MA 02111) at 6:30 PM.

Come and learn about the militarization of the police, and how to fight back at the local and state level! The event is free and open to the public.

This even is sponsored by the Roosevelt Institute, Boston.

Putting more people in prison doesn't produce better public safety outcomes, Pew study shows

The ACLU has received a $50 million dollar grant to reduce the jail and prison population in the United States by 50% within 8 years. It's a huge goal, but many states are already headed in the right direction.

The FBI knows you had an abortion

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