Privacy Matters

Task force officer: FBI conducted aerial surveillance of Ibragim Todashev in Orlando

If you've been paying attention to the events surrounding the May 22, 2013 law enforcement killing of Ibragim Todashev, you may know that FBI officials conducted close surveillance of the former friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev for weeks before an agent killed him. Now we know a little more about that surveillance.

How state secrecy protects government agencies from embarrassment, then and now

J. Edgar Hoover's obsession with secrecy is a legacy that scars present-day government agencies.

Meet FirstNet: the surveillance industry's blueprint for national data sharing

This guest post by Dan Massoglia

Senator Rand Paul calls for "bipartisan, independent, far reaching" investigation into intelligence activities

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Talk at Libre Planet: How to fight back against the surveillance state

This Saturday, March 22 I'll be speaking at the Libre Planet conference, hosted by the Free Software Foundation. Josh Levy of Free Press and I will discuss how to fight back against the creeping techno-surveillance state. Neither of us are computer experts, but we are both steeped in policy debates at the intersection of technology and liberty. It should be a fun discussion. If you're in Cambridge and attending the conference, come check it out.

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