Privacy Matters

DHS wants to track you everywhere you drive, but we can stop it

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So you think you have nothing to hide...

Governments at the local, state, and federal level increasingly collect troves of sensitive information about where we go, what we read, who we know, what we buy, and more. Some people say they don't care about this silent and ever present surveillance. They have nothing to hide, they say.

DoD and CIA target phones, not people, in global assassination program

Photo: Trever Paglen

NATO 3 cleared of all terror charges

State Department, without a hint of irony, warns US travelers about privacy threats in Sochi

The US State Department is warning visitors to the Sochi Olympics that they should have "no expectation of privacy" upon arrival. This is apparently due to the influx of criminal hackers in the city, who are eagerly awaiting the influx of tens of thousands of wealthy tourists.

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