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80 year-old man held on marijuana trafficking charges busted after traffic stop—but is that really what happened?

An 80 year-old man who owns property throughout New England is facing drug trafficking and conspiracy charges related to allegations that he has been running a massive and illegal marijuana business. In addition to being an absurd waste of public resources, his prosecution raises disturbing questions about the trickle down of illegal spying from feds to local cops.

US government insider blows the whistle on drone operations, challenging the public to act

Yesterday marked four years since the US government fired a drone missile at a group of people eating lunch, killing 16 year-old US citizen from Denver Abdulrahman al-Awlaki (pictured above). The government has never apologized or explained why they killed the young man.

ACLU sues architects of sadistic torture program designed to break human beings

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You have more rights to privacy in your phone when arrested than when at the airport

Last week, upon returning to his home state from a trip abroad, the mayor of Stockton, California got an abrupt education in post-9/11 constitutional decline.

Ars Technica reports:

ACLU goes to the hill for electronic privacy

Today the Joint Judiciary Committee of the Massachusetts state legislature holds a hearing on various bills of interest to the ACLU. Among them are a transgender rights bill and multiple bills related to electronic privacy.

Edward Snowden joins Twitter, immediately trolls the NSA

Ed Snowden, courageous whistleblower or traitorous scourge, depending on your orientation, has joined Twitter. He's already demonstrated that he's an expert troll.

Snowden's first tweet: "Can you hear me now?"

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