Privacy Matters

FBI admits it doesn't know where Marathon bombs were built, despite massive surveillance state

School cop claims student social media spying operation started with call from the NSA

This is the weirdest story I've heard in a while. It shines a bright light on the trickle down of the national spy state to the local level, where officials apparently think they can invent fairytales about terrorism to justify their local dragnets.

Fusion centers to store information about every school in Massachusetts

Old timey education before the digital surveillance state.

Our friends at Digital Fourth read through a July 2014 Massachusetts state government report about "school safety" and found some pretty depressing stuff. Among other problems, the state intends to use post-9/11 DHS "fusion centers" to store information about every school in the Commonwealth.

Bronx teen spent three years in prison without trial after accusation of petty theft

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

Apple releases security patch to address "Bash"

Apple has released security patches to address the serious "Bash" vulnerability discovered last week.

To patch your machine, visit one of the links below and download the fix.

Journalists: Take a look at the surveillance going on in Ferguson

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