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The NSA is having a hard time tracking ISIS, but is still very good at spying on the rest of us

The Daily Beast reports that the US military (read: NSA) is having a hard time tracking ISIS members because ISIS is doing a good job maintaining operational security. These fighters are working hard to evade NSA spying, using encryption and commercially available software that lets them email each other on local networks, avoiding the NSA-tapped global internet.

Boston Police Department has "hundreds" of emails with the NSA

Muckrock user Evan Anderson sent a public records request to the Boston Police Department asking for records of communication between BPD and the NSA. Here's what the BPD (finally) wrote back:

Transparency around stingray use in Tacoma leads to accountability

This is what happens when public agencies are (forced to be) transparent with the public about their surveillance practices: Accountability!

Ars Technica:

Your kids and online privacy: To post or not to post?

DOJ pilot program in Boston conflates innocuous teen behaviors with potential 'violent extremism'

FBI director James Comey

Leader of St. Louis area KKK says he's had 'off the record' conversations with police about protests

Frank Ancona, the leader of the Klu-Klux-Klan in St. Louis, told MSNBC's Chris Hayes that his "friends" have been talking to area law enforcement about Ferguson protests, and that the police are frustrated. Ancona said the Klan could use "lethal force" against Darren Wilson protesters he calls "criminals."

"That's why they giving drug offenders time in double digits"

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Does awareness of pervasive monitoring preclude our "reasonable expectation" to have privacy?

A new Pew study shows that Americans overwhelmingly feel concerned about their lack of personal privacy in the digital age. People are aware that government and corporations are tracking them, and they don't like it, the study says.

Report: NYPD considering armed drones

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