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High tech equipment thus far fails to catch alleged cop killer in PA

The high tech military equipment federal grant and gift programs have bestowed on state and local law enforcement isn't helping Pennsylvania police find a man they say killed a state trooper before fleeing into the woods.

The NY Daily News reports:

Dear FBI: That thing you think you need to protect is not actually a secret

Dear FBI,

Everyone who pays attention to surveillance news knows that you've been working with police departments to help them use cell site simulators to spy on people's phones. Anyone who has access to the internet can easily learn this fact. It is not a secret, and nor are the capabilities of IMSI catchers secrets.

Australia government rushes terror laws that will allow spies to wiretap the entire internet

Did you hear about that ISIS plot to kidnap and behead random people in Australia? Did you hear about how it might not actually be true?

Federal plan to create super fast internet for cops faces corruption allegations

The federal government's multi-billion dollar plan to create a super fast internet for police departments has hit its first major public snag: allegations of corruption. McClatchy reports:

Was it something he said? Weekly Standard writer placed on terror watch list

You might have heard that the spy bureaucracy's terror watch lists are bloated and full of non-terrorists. That's because the government has extremely low standards for designating people terror suspects, and putting them on counterproductive and discriminatory lists. Former Senator Ted Kennedy once found himself on a no-fly list.

The history of police militarization in the US in twelve minutes

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Why congress must release the torture report

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Forever war means we cannot have nice things, like civil liberties or privacy rights

My colleague Hina Shamsi has posted an excellent blog laying out why it's critical that congress vote on President Obama's ever expansive plans for war in Iraq and Syria. It's not just an academic issue, Shamsi contends:

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