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Documents strongly suggest the FBI is warrantlessly tracking our phones using high-tech cell phone sniffers

Newly released documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) suggest that since 2010 the FBI has warrantlessly tracked cell phones using sophisticated "sniffing" equipment called Stingrays.

'WildCat' robot developed with US military funds can run faster than you, probably

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Massachusetts-based robotics corporation Boston Dynamics has posted another video showing off its latest achievement. (For those unfamiliar with the company, check out its sand flea, cheetah, and big dog robots.)

Privacy: nonessential

If a company collects information on you, the police can get it -- often without a warrant

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Government shutdown is nothing of the sort while the police and surveillance states live on

Protected by the "shutdown": the militarization of the police.

Cambridge says no to cameras: Pushing back against the surveillance state at the local level

Apologies to readers that the blog has been slow with updates this week. We've been busy battling surveillance cameras in Cambridge, and are gearing up for another fight over the same in Brookline. Look out for more info on the latter shortly.

Just say no: Surveillance cameras are ineffective, expensive, and violate our rights

Tomorrow, the Cambridge government will hold a public meeting to discuss the future of video surveillance in the city. The stakes are high, and the meeting could be a turning point for privacy rights in Massachusetts. 

Surveillance, security, and secret evidence: “Working it Backwards to Make it Clean”

This guest post was written by ACLU of Massachusetts legal fellow Nashwa Gewaily

In the name of security, the police state justifies its arbitrary oppressions on evidence that is secret, because security might be prejudiced if it were brought to light in hearings.

FBI tells local police 9/11 Truthers may be terrorists

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