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Report: NYPD considering armed drones

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DOJ COPS program gave state and local police $14 billion over twenty years

The misnamed Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) office at the Department of Justice today announced it has funded over $14 billion in programming, staffing, and technology grants for state and local law enforcement over the past twenty years.

EVENT: The militarization of the police and how to fight back

This Thursday November 13 I'll be giving a talk at the Asian Community Development Corporation in the Community Room at the Metropolitan (38 Oak Street, Boston, MA 02111) at 6:30 PM.

Come and learn about the militarization of the police, and how to fight back at the local and state level! The event is free and open to the public.

This even is sponsored by the Roosevelt Institute, Boston.

Putting more people in prison doesn't produce better public safety outcomes, Pew study shows

The ACLU has received a $50 million dollar grant to reduce the jail and prison population in the United States by 50% within 8 years. It's a huge goal, but many states are already headed in the right direction.

The FBI knows you had an abortion

Not your grandma's television: New 'smart' TVs wiretap you in your own home

The Brennan Center's Michael Price has an incredible blog up about new so-called 'smart' televisions. He just bought one, he says, and was shocked to discover it came with a nearly 50 page privacy policy. Once you put one of these suckers in your home, however, privacy is a distant memory.

Vermont police captured 7.9 million location records but solved fewer than five crimes with them

License plate readers enable police and private companies to collect and retain records showing where we drive, and when. All over the country, police and corporations are keeping detailed records of our movements. In most states there are no laws regulating the use of this information. It amounts to warrantless, dragnet location tracking.

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