Privacy Matters

What's the difference between online speech and offline speech? Nothing, says Mass. high court

by Jessie Rossman and Kade Crockford

Federal court: Government can't force you to give up your phone password

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Somerville Mayor to Middlesex DA: Drop all charges against the Somerville 18

In January 2015, 18 activists from the Boston area locked down on the region's busiest highway, snarling traffic in both north and south lanes, to protest anti-Black racism in policing. The Middlesex District Attorney's office slammed the protesters with charges including conspiracy to trespass, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. The 18 face jail time, thousands of dollars in fines, and over a year of probation.

Drones with face recognition tracking coming soon to Mexico

Parents are very concerned about their children's privacy at school, new survey shows

The Future of Privacy Forum has published new survey results on parent attitudes toward digital student privacy issues. Harris Poll worked with the group to survey over 1,000 US adults with children ages 0-17 during March and April 2015. Here are some of the findings:

Boston DHS agent on library privacy activist: "That kid..."

Last week, a New Hampshire library did something historic. Bucking the advice of a Boston Department of Homeland Security agent and a local detective assigned to an internet crime task force, the Kilton Library in the town of Lebanon, NH decided to reactivate a Tor relay that had been temporarily shut down pending law enforcement meddling.

Justice Alito: Legislatures must pass 21st century privacy laws, can't be left to courts

Over the weekend, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito spoke at the Bush presidential library in Texas, where he made some interesting comments on Fourth Amendment law in the digital age.

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