Privacy Matters

New Hampshire library to implement Tor above DHS objections—and how

Coming soon: FBI technology that can read your fingerprints from a mile away

The federal government is close to approving contactless fingerprinting, NextGov reports:

Book event: Annie Jacobsen on DARPA at Harvard Book Store

Want to learn more about the secretive military agency that, according to author Annie Jacobsen, serves as "The Pentagon's Brain"? Hear her speak on her new DARPA history at a free and open to the public book event in Cambridge on September 23, 2015 at 7pm.

From Harvard Book Store:

Former NSA director implies Snowden was right to leak Verizon court order

Huffington Post's Ali Watkins with the scoop: former NSA director Keith Alexander this morning told a Washington DC audience that Edward Snowden shouldn't have disclosed "millions" of documents to journalists, but suggested Snowden was justified in leaking the Verizon court order revealing the governme

Landmark California settlement limits solitary confinement statewide

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