Privacy Matters

The House thinks you have a right to privacy in your email. Now tell the Senate to follow suit.

The House of Representatives did something representative of their constituents' interest! In forwarding a bipartisan amendment to the military budget, the House voted overwhelmingly to bring the security state's surveillance programs more in line with the Fourth Amendment.

I like Andrew Rosenthal's take on the amendment, published at the New York Times:

Literally riding dirty might keep you out of a license plate tracking database

An Oakland Police Department internal training guide informs us that license plate readers don't always work. If your license plate is "extremely dirty", the machines might not catch it. Interesting!

h/t @cfarivar

On the "intelligence community"

US military and fusion center officials: antiwar activism is terrorism

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

Everyone has something to hide.

We cannot have our political surveillance and our democracy, too


Tufts researchers working on mind reading headband

Researchers at Tufts University are working on developing a headband that reads your mind. The engineers acknowledge that privacy is a concern, but suggest that mind reading headbands are just like any other tool, in that they can be used for good or bad.

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