Privacy Matters

Campus cops: increasingly militarized, aggressive, and secretive

Harvard University campus police crumple Occupy Harvard signs. Photo credit: Occupy Harvard.

Metadata matters: Study shows GPS, communications data can reveal whether you're depressed

A study published today in the Journal of Internet Medical Research finds that analyzing GPS and communications records from your smartphone can predict with near 90% accuracy whether or not you're depressed.

The Verge reports:

Hacking Team says its software is " hundreds of thousands of targets" with one installation

More from the Hacking Team trove: an email from company CEO David Vincenzetti to hundreds of clients and potential clients in which he brags about the company's technology:

Hacking Team CEO on FBI campaign to loosen rules on government hacking: "very well advised"

One of Italian spyware firm Hacking Team's millions of emails now posted online is a message from its CEO, David Vincenzetti, to a list of what appears to be clients and potential clients. The March 2015 message links to a story in National Journal about the FBI's plan to change a federal rule to grant judges more leeway in approving warrants for electronic surveillance achieved through hacking.

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