Crypto Party: February 9, Northeastern Law School

Come learn how to encrypt your email and files, browse the internet anonymously, use secure chat systems, and more. We will serve free lunch at noon. This event is free and open to the public, and we especially encourage journalists, lawyers, and law students to attend.

WHERE: Northeastern Law School, Dockser Hall, Room 230 and the Room 250 (map)

WHEN: Sunday, February 9, 12-6 PM

WHO: Co-sponsored by the ACLU of Massachusetts, National Lawyers Guild--Northeastern University School of Law Chapter, the Massachusetts Pirate Party, the Tor Project, Digital Fourth, Restore the Fourth Boston, and the Free Software Foundation

BRING: A laptop and some patience.


12 PM - Why Encrypt? Talk, discussion, and free lunch!
1:15 - Room 1 - GnuPG | Room 2 - Tor
2:30 - Room 1 - Free Software | Room 2 - File encryption
3:45 - Room 1 - Using Jitsi | Room 2 - Tor
5:00 - Room 1 - GnuPG | Room 2 - Enigmabox

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