Privacy Matters

CIA and DHS won't confirm or deny whether they monitor Public Intelligence website

Neither the CIA nor the Department of Homeland Security will confirm or deny whether their government agents monitor the website Public Intelligence, invoking what's called the 'Glomar response'. The website, which posts regular updates about military and police actions and sensitive government documents, is a treasure trove of information about government spying.

ACLU petitions Supreme Court to decide whether cops can track our phones without warrants

Do the police need to get a warrant before obtaining large quantities of information from our cell phone providers, showing where we've been and when? It depends on where you live. If the Supreme Court decides to hear the ACLU's petition in Davis v. United States, the rule might become consistent nationwide.

VIDEO: Plainclothes Medford police detective threatens to "blow a hole" through man's head

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer.

The Boston 2024 summer Olympic bid is dead

According to news reports, the US Olympic Committee has finally thrown in the towel on a highly controversial and locally unpopular 2024 bid to host the summer games in Boston.

Choctaw medicine man, civil rights activist dies after being booked into historically infamous Mississippi jail

Just weeks after Sandra Bland died in a Texas jail cell after having been arrested during a traffic stop, another activist is dead in eerily similar circumstances.

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