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Against fracking? The government thinks you might be a terrorist

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Climate change is one of the greatest threats humanity faces in the 21st century, if not the greatest. Anti-fracking and anti-drilling activists in the United States are not only concerned about what's going to happen in the future, however. They are worried about the quality of their drinking water and the physical world around their homes, offices and communities. On the other hand, the 'natural gas' energy boom in the United States is big business, worth billions of dollars. 

Do you think that law enforcement and intelligence agencies should pick sides in the fracking battle? In many places, they already have.

The video above tells the story of "Virginia Cody — a retired Air Force officer and anti-drilling activist — [who] was shocked to mistakenly receive a bulletin from the Pennsylvania Homeland Security Director describing the monitoring of several anti-drilling groups," writes the ACLU. Cody isn't alone. Mark Ruffalo, a famous actor and anti-fracking activist, was put onto a DHS terror watch list as a result of his organizing. Just weeks ago we learned that a fusion center was working with a foreign corporation, TransCanada, to spy on anti-Keystone XL pipeline activists.

A surveillance state is incompatible with democracy. To celebrate the Fourth of July, do something really patriotic: raise your voice against those among the government's misnamed 'intelligence' programs that cast dissidents as terrorists and whistleblowers as traitors.

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