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Big day for Anonymous: enormous email cache from Iraq war crimes case coming

The Anonymous collective has hacked 2.6 gigabytes of emails from the law firm Puckett Faraj, writes Gawker. The firm's Neal Puckett served as criminal defense for Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, the alleged ringleader of a group of US soldiers who killed 24 Iraqi civilians in what many observers are calling war crimes. In a verdict that shocked the human rights community and outraged Iraqis, Wuterich and his co-defendants struck a plea deal, resulting in no prison time for the killings.

Anonymous claims that the hacked emails contain sensitive information about the case, including "detailed records, transcripts, testimony, trial evidence, and legal defense donation records." The documents will be posted in a Pirate Bay mirrored torrent sometime within the next few days.

Gawker looked at a preview of the emails, concluding that the cache "definitely" includes emails from Puckett Faraj:

In one thread, Neal Puckett accepts congratulations from a friend on January 25th for securing plea deal. "Thanks, Ginny!" he writes "We were all over the TV and Internet. Google me!"

Stay tuned for more on this case, including links to the hacked emails.

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