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Boston “fusion center” kept records about the political activity of (now Mayor) Marty Walsh


Among the thousands of pages of Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) documents released to the Partnership for Civil Justice Funds detailing fusion center monitoring of Occupy protesters is this gem (page 623):

According to the Boston Phoenix, incoming president of the AFL-CIO Steven A. Tolman will visit Occupy Boston at 10:00 AM. Later at 1:00 PM, State Representative Marty Walsh will join labor leaders from the Mass Building Trades Council and the Greater Boston Labor Council in a rally at the “decrepit” North Washington Bridge to call for more infrastructure investment.

The BRIC was established to stop terrorism and to "connect the dots" about possible terrorist threats with state, local, and federal law enforcement officials. Keeping records on a State Representative and union workers who were trying to make sure people don't die when bridges crumble is…well…not that.

It's an outrageous abuse of public funds and the public trust. How about we take the money wasted on political spying and invest it in public infrastructure. Mr. Mayor?

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