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Boston: Learn how to encrypt your email this Saturday with hands-on help from experts

The following message comes from the Massachusetts Pirate Party, which is hosting a cryptoparty this coming weekend in Boston. This session focuses specifically on helping people set up PGP email encryption. Don't miss it.
When: Saturday, August 24th from 1:00-3:00 pm
WhereEncuentro 5, 9 Hamilton St. #2A, Boston, just across the street from the Park St. T station
This afternoon, we're going to focus on a piece of software called PGP ("Pretty Good Privacy"), which is commonly used for encrypting email. This will be a hands-on workshop; our goal is to help you set up PGP on your laptop, and get your hands dirty using it.  PGP Encryption is an excellent way to prevent folks (like our friends at the NSA) from snooping on your email, and we want to teach you how to encrypt!
To get the most benefit from this workshop, you'll want to bring a laptop, and download PGP software in advance.
– If you're running Windows, download GPG4win from
– If you're running MacOS, download GPG Tools from
– If you're running Linux, use your distribution's package manager to install GPG, GPA, and a mail reader that supports PGP (such as Evolution, Claws Mail, or Thunderbird + Enigmail)
We'll show you how to generate keys, upload them to a keyserver, sign each other keys, and encrypt/decrypt files.
This is a free workshop, but contributions to Encuentro 5 would be sincerely appreciated.

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