Privacy SOS

Brookline: say no to security theater!

Fresh off our victory over DHS surveillance cameras in Cambridge, we need your help to keep Brookline safe and free!

We have worked together for years to ensure that Brookline remains a bastion of freedom and liberty, even as a creeping surveillance state has taken hold in other parts of the Commonwealth and nationwide.

Now we need your help again:

Brookline Hearing on 'Homeland

Security' Cameras

Tuesday, October 8, 9pm

Brookline Town Hall

333 Washington Street

On Tuesday, October 8, the Brookline Board of Selectmen will meet to discuss the future of the Department of Homeland Security-funded cameras in town. Studies show that cameras don't measurably contribute to public safety, but the cameras do threaten your privacy. The DHS system is particularly dangerous because it allows other cities' police to monitor public activity on Brookline streets.

What can you do to help?

Pushing back against advancing surveillance is vital to maintaining a healthy, democratic society. You can keep Brookline safe and free. Please join us, submit comments, and spread the word!

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