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Collect it all: Greenwald on the NSA

Glenn Greenwald's book "No Place to Hide" is available today. Along with the book, Greenwald has made public a new trove of documents, many of which are available to the public for the first time.

The investigative reporter who broke the Snowden leaks gave a long interview to Amy Goodman's Democracy Now. Part one of that interview is embedded above. Greenwald will be in Boston this week doing a book event with Noam Chomsky at the First Parish Church in Cambridge. Unfortunately, the event is sold out.

While he has finished his book, Greenwald hasn't finished working on NSA stories. He told the Colbert show that the biggest story is yet to come.

"I genuinely believe that the story that’s the biggest one, that will make the biggest impact and will shape how the events of the last 10 months will be viewed by history is the story on which we’re currently working that hopefully will be ready in four to eight weeks," he said.

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