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Could the Patriot Act be Worse than we Think?

According to Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), yes. Hardly any congresspeople bothered debating the renewal of this post-9/11, controversial government overhaul of privacy and fourth amendment related law. That's bad enough.

But according to Wyden, the powers the Patriot Act granted to the executive branch, used by the FBI and other federal organizations, are being used far more invasively than the government will admit. Spencer Ackerman reports:

“We’re getting to a gap between what the public thinks the law says and what the American government secretly thinks the law says,” Wyden told Danger Room in an interview in his Senate office. “When you’ve got that kind of a gap, you’re going to have a problem on your hands.”

As a result of this shocking admission, the ACLU is suing the FBI for access to documents showing how they interpret the law, behind closed doors. 

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