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Disturbing video of police action goes viral

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According to the person who uploaded this video to YouTube, the clip shows Cotati, California police officers busting down the door at a home and then tasing the person filming.

The police were apparently called to the scene by neighbors who reported a domestic dispute. But when they arrived at the home, the people inside said there was no such dispute, and that they didn't need any assistance from officers. The police did not like this answer, and after the people refused to come outside, busted down the door and tased the residents. The YouTube page says that the people in the house were then arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. No word on what happened to the two children who were at the home.

Thus far, the local media appears not to have picked up the story, but it's spreading fast on the internet. Cotati, California is about forty-five miles north of San Franscisco.

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