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Extensive government spying uncovered in Latin America

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports that various Latin American countries have been engaged in extremely invasive political spying over the past five years. 

Perhaps the most severe instance of widespread government surveillance took place in Peru during the presidency of Alberto Fujimori. Fujimori, who is currently in jail, was convicted of mass illegal surveillance of prominent Peruvian citizens. Peruvian prosecutors found that the former president devised and implemented "Plan Emilio" to conduct nationwide surveillance of politicians, ministers, journalists and activists. In 2010, judicial authorities in Peru discovered a former naval intelligence employee illegally intercepted 52,947 emails from journalists and political opponents of the Fujimori government between 1999 and 2000. The case has yet to go to court.

According to documents released through Wikileaks, the DEA was allegedly involved in helping the Paraguayan government operate a surveillance regime targeting an opposition party. Read more.

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