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FBI’s focus on ‘terrorism’ appears to embolden organized criminals

In a bizarre case, a Massachusetts State trooper is accused of threatening to kill and beat a former partner in an illegal bookmaking business. The former trooper, John M. Analetto, a 19-year veteran of the state police, allegedly got trapped making violent threats against his former business partner when the former partner began cooperating with the FBI, perhaps after he started to fear for his life when he realized he was unable to pay Analetto the tens of thousands of dollars he allegedly owed.

'Crooked cop gets caught making threats related to gambling business' is maybe not the craziest story.

No, the kicker comes when Analetto allegedly tells the cooperating witness/former business partner that he isn't afraid of getting caught because all the FBI cares about is terrorism. The Globe writes:

During a conversation with the cooperating witness, Analetto said he was confident he would never get caught running a bookmaking business, and that the FBI would never pay any attention to his alleged wrongdoings.
“The FBI is worried about organized crime?’’ Analetto allegedly said. “No, they are worried about terrorist activities.’’
It's true that over the past ten years the FBI has focused much of its investigative energies on supposedly terrorism related activities. But the bureau's success in that regard, at least between 2001 and 2006, was spotty to say the least. A TRAC report on that period shows that the FBI was overall doing pretty badly on convictions and sentencing in the terror department. 

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