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#FFF strikes again

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The faceless people at Anonymous followed through with their promises for a big "f*ck FBI Friday" release. The hackers got ahold of emails from an FBI agent in which he invites colleagues from Scotland Yard and France's intelligence services to a conference call to discuss plans to target suspected Anonymous hackers.

Oops. You can listen to the phone conversation above, or here. (h/t @exiledsurfer)

"F*ck FBI Friday" (FFF) has become something of a tradition among the Anonymous collective. In November 2011, people who identify with the group hacked in to emails and phone calls associated with the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS), a group of computer forensics experts. Anonymous teased that the group wasn't expert at all, having had its communications compromised so easily. #FFF remains a busy holiday for the anti-sec hacker world.

Meanwhile, the White House has said that it will push so-called "cybercrime" legislation soon. The FBI, for its part, is telling law enforcement and the public that people overly concerned with their online privacy might be terrorists or cybercriminals. The list of suspicious activity also includes the use of internet in public spaces, like cafes. 

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