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Former Lockheed sub-contractor takes to eBay to sell surveillance prototype

A former Lockheed Martin sub-contractor has taken to eBay to sell a prototype of a high-powered surveillance system disguised as a rock.

"Prototype Hardware from Lockheed Martin Surveillance Project; Learn How To Build Spy Surveillance RockCams! Profit!"

The seller claims he designed the prototype and didn't get a cut of the profits when it was eventually sold to governments to do things like spy on Russia. He says that he wants to use the money from the eBay sale to hire an attorney to settle intellectual property issues related to development of the rock, which he calls RockCam.

Our product was codenamed the RockCam, which was a high speed custom embedded platform for high resolution covert imagery and audio acquisition, enclosed inside of a fake rock.  The RockCam was intended to be a wireless Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) platform for critical infrastructure protection initiatives such as nuclear power plant security, oil rig and gas pipeline monitoring, power plant surveillance, etc.

If the seller is legit, he is describing a pretty powerful surveillance system. The 'rock' recharges in the sun, he says, meaning it can work in the field for three full years without any hands-on maintenance. 

A surveillance rock that can spy on adversaries for three years straight doesn't come cheap. eBay user gregoryperry804 is asking $10 million for the RockCam. Thus far 21 people have made offers; 20 have been declined. eBay says that nearly 700 people are looking at the item per hour. I wonder how many of them are in Russia.

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