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Fusion centers to store information about every school in Massachusetts

Old timey education before the digital surveillance state.

Our friends at Digital Fourth read through a July 2014 Massachusetts state government report about "school safety" and found some pretty depressing stuff. Among other problems, the state intends to use post-9/11 DHS "fusion centers" to store information about every school in the Commonwealth.

As icing on the cake, our local infamous Fusion Centers, who were caught spying on peaceful activists, who failed to thwart the Marathon bombings, and who continue to gather mounds of unverified, often racially motivated gossip on Massachusetts residents, will be given “information on every school in the Commonwealth.”

Great. How many of our kids will end up in the Fusion Center’s “Suspicious Activity” database? Well, how many of us did at least one thing in school that some other kid or some member of the public might conceivably find “suspicious” if they saw it? More or less all of us.

Indeed. Read Alex Marthews' analysis for more on the report.

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