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Happy May Day! Download these apps to protect yourself

Screenshot from Signal app for iPhone, enabling secure SMS and phone calls.

People across the country will be marching in May Day protests today, many of them raising concerns about police brutality and the system of mass incarceration in the United States. While there's no foolproof way to keep the cops from spying on you or brutalizing you as you express your First Amendment right to dissent, these apps can help protect your communications and your rights. They are all free.

Record the police:

California: MOBILE JUSTICE // for iOS | for Android

Missouri: MOBILE JUSTICE // for iOS | for Android

Oregon: MOBILE JUSTICE // for Android (iOS coming soon)

New York: STOP AND FRISK WATCH // for iOS | for Android

Everywhere: FIV-O FILM // for iOS only

'I'm getting arrested':

If you're getting arrested, press one icon and this app (for Android only) will send a pre-written text message to your people to let them know.

Secure communications:

Protect your text messages and phone calls from prying eyes and ears with these free, open source encryption apps for Android and iPhone. In order for these to work, the person you are calling or texting must have the apps installed, too, so make sure all your people download them! If you use an iPhone, you can securely communicate with someone using the sister Android app, and vise versa.

Download RedPhone and TextSecure for Android and Signal for iPhone.

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