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Here comes the flood!

While our communities hemorrhage from budget cuts, Fortress America is getting an infusion of $4 billion earmarked by the Senate to “secure” the border with Mexico.

The DHS was out shopping last week at “People – Terrorism – Contraband” exhibit in Phoenix, billed as the “World’s Largest Border Security Event.” On display was battlefield wizardry destined to fortify our already militarized borders and – sooner or later – find its way to a police department near you.

In addition to the DHS’ Customs and Border Protection, the exhibit, whose corporate sponsors included Raytheon, Motorola and Unisys, trumpeted its wares to international customers, the FBI, DEA, CIA, DHS the TSA, “corporate security directors,” shippers, truckers, carriers… and state and local police.   

An added inducement to attend: win one of eight free Glock pistols!

In the months ahead, we will be focusing on the flood of military gear that, thanks to Pentagon giveaways and DHS grants, threatens to transform policing across the country – and how you can help hold back the tide.

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