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Huh? The CIA lied about its own internal investigation?

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As we reported here earlier this week, the CIA told the public that its inspector general found the agency clear of any wrongdoing in the NYPD-CIA collaboration scandal. But today, AP's Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman report that an anonymous source at the agency says that's untrue. The source told AP that "the CIA's inspector general faulted the agency for sending an officer to New York with little oversight after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and then leaving him there too long." The agent will leave the NYPD, the source says.

The NYPD and the CIA can't seem to keep their stories straight on the nature of their cooperation. NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly told the press that the CIA agent was working for his department in order to share foreign intel with the NYPD. Not so, said the CIA: he was there on a "management sabbatical," whatever that is. The agencies also can't agree on the legal justification for the CIA presence in New York. 

Read more from the AP. Kudos to journalists Apuzzo and Goldman. Journalism is meant to expose dirty business and to get results. The resignation of the CIA operative from the NYPD is a big result. 

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