Privacy SOS

“It’s not about having something to hide. Privacy is all about control. Personal control.”

Please note that by playing this clip YouTube and Google will place a long term cookie on your computer, and the NSA will probably make note of it, too.

Ann Cavoukian, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of the Ottawa government, is my new hero. Watch her break it down in the video above: why metadata matters.

The NSA, democracy, warrants, "nothing to hide," totalitarianism: she covers it all. Cavoukian made the video to promote her office's new paper on the significance of metadata surveillance, which she describes like this:

A Primer on Metadata: Separating Fact from Fiction, explains that metadata can actually be more revealing than accessing the content of our communications. The paper aims to provide a clear understanding of metadata and disputes popular claims that the information being captured is neither sensitive, nor privacy-invasive, since it does not access any content. Given the implications for privacy and freedom, it is critical that we all question the dated, but ever-so prevalent either/or, zero-sum mindset to privacy vs. security. Instead, what is needed are proactive measures designed to provide for both security and privacy, in an accountable and transparent manner.

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