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Jazz artist Esperanza Spalding says: Close GITMO

Jazz musician and vocalist Esperanza Spalding has released a song and video calling for the closure of the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The video for "We Are America" features appearances by Janelle Monae and Harry Belafonte.
From the ACLU:
For nearly twelve years, we've been fighting together to end indefinite detention and close the Guantanamo Bay prison—the fact that it still exists is an insult to American values and a violation of human rights.
But next week we have a critical opportunity: the Senate can take a major step toward closing Guantanamo by passing this year's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with key provisions intact. As it stands now, this year's draft NDAA removes significant hurdles to transferring and releasing many Guantanamo detainees. So we need to protect it from harmful amendments.
We've spoken to staff at almost every Senator’s office— and while the Guantanamo reform provisions have support, it’s clear that some Senators won’t defend them unless they hear directly from their constituents.
So our best chance right now to make sure Guantanamo closes is a big push to make sure our Senators do the right thing.
Will you email your Senators now and tell them to vote “No” on any amendments to the Guantanamo provisions in the NDAA?

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