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Latest casualties of the ‘war on terror’ at home

Read our latest Civil Liberties Update and you will learn some new facts to astonish your family and friends.

For instance, did you know that 4.2. million of your fellow Americans have security clearance, and 1,419,051 have ‘Top Secret’ security clearance? That’s about one out of every 150 working age Americans. How 'top secret' is that?
Did you know that the FBI conducted 82,325 ‘assessments’ over the past two years using informants, surveillance and other techniques? Or that agents don't need any probable cause or reasonable suspicion to begin investigating someone?
Did you know that since 9/11 the sum of $690 billion has been spent on ‘homeland security’?
Did you know that 2 million residents of Massachusetts – that’s one out of three of the Commonwealth’s population – have experienced some form of data breech or identity theft?
Find out more and work with us to challenge the view that more technology equals more security. 

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