Privacy SOS

Library that bucked DHS over Tor to hand out free Tails USBs at Snowden movie screening

First, the library announced plans to install a Tor middle relay, with the help of the Library Freedom Project. Then the Department of Homeland Security tried to scare town officials away from the project. Next, a group of residents and activists gathered to show the feds that they weren’t scared—and after a unanimous vote by the Library Board, the Tor middle relay went live.

Now, it seems, the Kilton Public Library community in Lebanon, New Hampshire has been bitten by the privacy bug. The community is on fire. Tomorrow night, the library is hosting a screening of CITIZEN FOUR, Laura Poitras‘ documentary on Edward Snowden. The first 35 people who attend the screening will receive a free USB drive complete with Tails, the privacy protective operating system used by none other than Snowden himself.

Chuck McAndrew, head of IT services for the library, told a local reporter: “Obviously [privacy] is something that is important to people in Lebanon.”

Badass indeed.

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