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License plate tracking company introduces “turnkey” face recognition smartphone app for police

Vigilant Solutions, a company that maintains a nationwide license plate tracking database containing over 2 billion records of the movements of mostly law abiding people, has released a face recognition and license plate tracking app that police can install on their smartphones. Previous reports said the company aimed to also integrate commercial databases into an "Intelligence-Led Policing Package" to sell to police departments nationwide.

The biometrics industry website Biometrics Update reports:

The new Vigilant Mobile Companion app expands the benefits of license plate recognition and facial recognition technologies to all areas of the agency, including patrol, investigative, and detention.

Using many of the new analytic tools that Vigilant has released in its LEARN product over the last couple of years, the app makes these tools even more easy to use and accessible on a mobile device.

The app also features Vigilant’s FaceSearch facial recognition which analyzes over 350 different vectors of the human face.

Police officers in field can take a photo of a person and have his or her face matched against a database of over 13 million pre-populated mugshots and registered sex offender images, along with any other images that an agency uploads to the database.

The app lets law enforcement, military, and federal agencies "purchase and deploy complete turnkey license plate recognition and facial recognition programs," the company says. I can't help but think about NSA whistleblower Bill Binney's warning that the United States has become a "turnkey totalitarian state."

Dragnet, suspicionless surveillance isn't just for the NSA anymore.

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