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Lockheed Martin’s Desert Hawk III allows target tracking, would be great for police use, company says

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Lockheed Martin wants you to know that the world is a terribly dangerous place, and that its creepy Desert Hawk drone will help to Keep Us Safe from harm. (Does the company have a solution for this public safety threat, I wonder?)

Take a look at the advertisement the company made for the drone in the video above. It looks like the soldiers manipulating this drone are doing it with a video game controller, doesn't it?

As we've documented extensively on this website, most military technologies make their way home and into the hands of domestic law enforcement after having been used and perfected on foreigners overseas. Never one to miss big contract opportunities, Lockheed helpfully reminds viewers that its Desert Hawk III drone works great on the Homefront, too. 

These drones are coming home, whether we like it or not. The least we can do is regulate law enforcement use of them. If you aren't interested in warrantless drone surveillance in Massachusetts, take action now to stop it.

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