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More evidence of NYPD brutality from #M17

Here's a better video of the NYPD's clearing of Liberty Plaza and of activist Cecily McMillian in police custody, apparently having a seizure while in handcuffs:

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The NYPD cleared the park and put up barricades in direct disavowal of a judge's order barring the police from doing so. The nearly 75 people who were arrested that night were therefore arrested for the crime of standing in a public park — and it was the police, not the protesters, who were breaking the rules.

Those arrested Saturday night were released today, including McMillian, who is being charged with assaulting an officer. The city asked the judge to keep her on $20k bail; the judge declined and released her.

At least one other arrestee reports what sounds like ugly treatment by the police after he was taken into custody. Upon getting out of jail today, Shawn Carrié tweeted the following:

According to Twitter rumors, Occupy Wall Street will tomorrow join various civil rights and Muslim organizations in calling for Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to resign.

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