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Mueller: FBI not motivated by concerns over what is “politically correct”

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FBI Director Robert Mueller told Senator Dick Durbin that he is cleaning up the Islamophobic training Wired's Spencer Ackerman exposed last year.

Mueller says that he directed his underlings to examine training materials, and instituted mandatory review of all training materials before allowing courses to proceed.

Agents have already gone through over 160,000 training documents and more than 1,000 slides, he said. According to Mueller, they identified 176 that "needed to be pulled out." They "found the other approximately 160,000 documents to be appropriate."
"We then went out to the field and explained why these documents were inappropriate. Making certain that the materials we are using are in accordance with….um….er…are appropriate," he said.
Senator Durbin asked Mueller to address criticisms that have been levelled at his agency from people who think that targeting Muslims is appropriate for law enforcement. 
"It's not an exercise of political correctness, it's an exercise of doing what's right. I reject any assertion that this is a result of political correctness," he said.
It'd certainly be odd if the FBI started engaging in "politically correct" behavior, given its history. It tends to have been more interested in political correction.

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