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Name changes; tear gas ingredients; police brutality and more!

  • US based Muslims can't win with government spooks. If they change their names to sound more American, as immigrants have for hundreds of years in this country, the spooks raise a red flag of alarm. If they change their names to Arabic names, to connect with their cultural or religious heritage, it is likewise suspicious. According to another important investigation by AP's Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, such actions are routinely "investigated and cataloged in secret New York Police Department intelligence files." Because only Muslims would possibly want to change their names for nefarious purposes, duh, so it makes perfect sense to create a special category for that religious group for extra spying. (Sarcasm.)
  • The always helpful Public Intelligence has brought to our attention a database of product safety sheets for 'non-lethal' weapons. Those who were tear-gassed by overzealous Oakland Police officers the other night might be interested to see the list of carcinogenic materials in the gas. 
  • Police in NYC continue to beat on and arrest peaceful protesters. Video from last night's march in solidarity with Oakland. 

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  • And in Oakland news, mayor Jean Quan told a press conference last night that she didn't personally authorize the use of force against demonstrators. Today she's saying that she'll pull back the police, and that she supports the Occupy movement. 

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