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NSA whistleblower Bill Binney at HOPE 9

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NSA whistleblower and cryptographer William Binney gave the keynote at the 2012 HOPE conference in New York City. 

Binney has repeatedly told the public that he thinks the NSA is collecting all of the digital communications traffic it can get its hands on, without warrants or judicial oversight. He left the agency in 2001 in protest, shortly after the agency began warrantlessly wiretapping US communications.

Binney had been one of the principal developers working on THINTHREAD, a multi-million dollar program that enabled the NSA to filter out US communications while monitoring other traffic. He says the agency dumped THINTHREAD in favor of the much more expensive TRAILBLAZER, a program that included US communications. Another NSA whistleblower, Thomas Drake, says the government targeted him for disclosing gross fraud and abuse associated with the TRAILBLAZER program.

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