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NYPD posts pictures, names and home addresses of “professional agitators”

What does it take to be a "professional agitator"? For the New York City Police Department, it's simple: take pictures of police officers and be a political organizer. 

The following video was taken by Christina Gonzalez Nysid, an activist who works with the anti-prison industrial complex group Stop Mass Incarceration Network, a group of organizers fighting to stop the racist stop-n-frisk policy and end mass incarceration.

Walked into the monthly 30th Precinct community board meeting to discover our own faces hanging on the podium. It reads:
"Be aware that the subjects are known professional agitators that live at [our address posted on poster]. Above subjects mo is that they video tape officers performing routine stops and post on youtube. Subjects purpose is to portray officers in a negative way and too deter officers from conducting there responsibilities. Above subjects also deter officers from being safe and tactical by causing unnecessary distractions. Do not feed into subjects propaganda." [sic]

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Stay classy, NYPD.

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