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NYPD will set up checkpoints around OWS anniversary events on Monday, 9/17

The 99% are back for the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Events this weekend include a day of education on Saturday and a day of celebration on Sunday. Organizers ask that activists descend upon their old stomping grounds at Liberty Plaza on Monday morning for a series of actions — and instruct people to "wear business attire." Perhaps organizers predicted something like this:

That's an email the Director of Security at Pace University sent to students, faculty and staff, advising them that due to the anniversary events, "as a precautionary measure, NYPD will establish check points throughout Lower Manhattan." The email instructs Pace community members to carry their university IDs with them "in order to gain access through these checkpoints. Locations of the checkpoints are still to be determined."

The NYPD has aggressively interfered with the rights of demonstrators throughout OWS' short history. The fact that the police provided advanced notice to institutions in the area about roving checkpoints suggests they intend to continue this sordid tradition on Monday. 

Click here for information about the events this weekend and Monday in NYC.

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