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Obama on drone strikes: rock on, it’s all good, etc.

President Obama had to directly answer an ordinary person's question about the deadly drone war his administration is pursuing. Watch:

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Obama says that the strikes have not killed lots of civilians, that they are precise, etc. But reports from the ground at the scene of drone bombings suggest otherwise.  Presumably the drone industry is satisfied that the President is so enamored of its wares.

The industry has exploded over the past five years. There are now more drone pilots in training in the US Air Force than jet pilots. But expansion abroad isn't fast enough for the industry: it has been for some time now aggressively marketing drones domestically. The federal government has in turn welcomed domestic drone use with open arms and big checks. Even counties and cities are flying drones, including New York City.

The domestic drones have yet to be equipped with missiles, though they could be someday. Read more about domestic drone use and the near future for the skies above us.

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