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Occupy Boston raid, 5 am 12/10/11

The Boston Police raided Dewey square at 5 am this morning, trashing the remaining tents and personal belongings of occupiers who stayed at the camp. At least 44 people were arrested, including three who were reportedly arrested inside South Station's public restrooms after the raid was completed. At least two legal observers working for the National Lawyers Guild were cuffed; one reportedly after she repeatedly asked an officer for his badge number. Twitter users and journalists reported that many officers either didn't wear their badges visibly or covered them. 

According to journalists, they were forced out of Dewey and kept down the street where they couldn't film or photograph the arrests taking place. At least one journalist, a member of the Occupy Boston media team, was arrested. He was broadcasting the raid live to 3,000 people when the officer cuffed him and the feed went dead. CORRECTION: The live streamer was placed in plastic zip ties and detained but ultimately not arrested. (h/t @MikeQtips.)

Many Twitter users and independent media reported that police were shining flashlights in their cameras, obstructing video and photo capture of the scene.

Reports are circulating today that one of the people arrested is now in deportation proceedings.

Like the NYPD, Boston Police brought out but did not use the sonic military weapon the LRAD (photo above, via @axb21). Click here for better photos of the LRAD.

Occupy Boston is having its first post-Dewey GA tonight at the Boston Common at 7PM. Occupiers from the scene have tweeted images suggesting that BPD is waiting for them in somewhat large numbers. Twitter users on sight are reporting that BPD is warning people not to go near the site of the GA, the gazebo, because they will be arrested. (Photo below via @OccupyRene) Watch the GA live tonight here. UPDATE: Other people saying on livestream that police will not arrest those at gazebo. Corroboration of this from @Occupy_Boston.

Tonight Dewey square is completely empty, surrounded by barricades, and patrolled by a number of police officers. (Photo via @LeFill)

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