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Occupy Boston second encampment raided; 129 arrests made

The Boston Police Department raided the second Occupy Boston encampment early this morning. The City of Boston and Boston Police haven't been clear about why they did so, while leaving the other camp at Dewey Square park alone.

Police Commissioner Ed Davis has said the police cleared the Rose Kennedy Greenway of protesters because "anarchists" had taken over, a claim one of the main organizers denies. The police also said something about $150k landscaping, and that the Greenway is private property (which is demonstrably false). The mayor said that he would tolerate free speech, but not civil disobedience. 

The arrests were well documented. TV crews, independent media and photojournalists were there to report back on how the arrests proceeded. The image above is likely a police surveillance van, taken at the scene. The image below is a picture of a notice the police were reportedly handing out to protesters. Both images credit OpenMediaBoston.

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