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Occupy Boston: Teach-in on internet anonymity

Please go to this important teach-in if you are in the Boston area on October 22, 2011. It's not run by the ACLUm, but looks like the content will be right up our privacy-obsessed alley! Share widely!

What: Teach-in on Anonymity & Security on the Web
Where: Occupy Boston's Free School University at Dewey Square, Boston, MA
When: October 22, 2011, 3PM
Description: A brief introduction into how to use free software to maintain one's
anonymity on the Internet. Tools such as GPG, TrueCrypt, TOR, and
Bitcoin will be discussed, along with pointers to other resources that
may assist anyone wanting to maintain their Internet security. 
Taught by: Robb Swanson – B.Sc, Mathematics – University of Kansas. Lifelong computer geek. Lover of freedom from tyranny.

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