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OWS activist targeted by NYPD intelligence division

OWS activist Shawn Carrié posted following tweets in the early hours of May 4, 2012.

The chilling effect:

Reading these tweets made me think about the CIA's snatch and grabs of "suspected terrorists" in the streets of European cities in the years following 9/11. Those people were "rendered" to CIA "black sites" or to third countries, where many of them were tortured. 

Nice work, NYPD. You are looking more and more like the CIA every day.

UPDATE: WNYC interviewed Carrié about his experience, revealing that NYPD Intelligence Division officers used two outstanding warrants for open container violations from 2007 as a pretext to arrest him. Turns out those warrants were for someone else named Shawn Carrié, but no matter: NYPD interrogated him about his political activity and held him for 13 hours anyway. Read more about the NYPD's use of old warrants as pretext for conducting political interrogations.

Read about Oakland PD's snatch and grabs.

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