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Police corruption activist finds apparent tracking device on his truck

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An anti-police corruption activist with Tacoma Cop Block found what appears to be a surveillance or tracking device on his truck. He found the device months ago but waited to see if anyone would come and claim it, as has happened in at least one other case. No one came, and so he's reaching out to the public to try to figure out exactly what the device does, or who it might belong to.

One possible explanation for the lack of contact from law enforcement is that the cops or some other agency installed this device without a warrant. After the Supreme Court ruled in Jones, police are required to get a probable cause warrant before putting a GPS tracking device on someone's car. If some agency or rogue cop wanted to monitor an activist but couldn't point to any involvement in criminal activity, that might be a good reason to pretend as if nothing happened when the target found the device. Law enforcement—like everyone else—doesn't like getting caught red handed doing illegal things.

Do you know what this device is, or which agencies might use it? If so, email Tacoma Cop Block and let them know:

h/t Tacoma Cop Block

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