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Proposed snitch-law would protect the extra suspicious, racial profilers

The National Association of Security Companies (NASCO), a trade group representing the burgeoning terrorism industrial complex in the US, has endorsed controversial legislation proposed by Texas Congressman Lamar Smith. The "See Something, Say Something Act" would extend liability for reporting "suspicious" activity from reports originating at transportation hubs to those from anywhere in the entire nation. The bill would protect from civil lawsuits those who call the police or DHS to report on others.

Many critics are suggesting that if the bill passes, it will catalyze an ongoing shift in this nation, moving away from long-held assumptions about innocence and guilt and towards an East German, Stasi-type society in which petty scandals or arguments result in inappropriate calls to the authorities. Unsure about when it's appropriate to call the police? Here's a handy guide from Gawker.

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