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Radical Muslims pose “minuscule threat to public safety,” study finds

Somebody get Ray Kelly on the phone. The massive, costly, invasive and discriminatory campaign of spying on Muslim Americans in New York City he has overseen has now additionally been proven useless.

A study by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, to be released Wednesday, found that a "feared wave of homegrown terrorism by radicalized Muslim Americans has not materialized, with plots and arrests dropping sharply over the two years since an unusual peak in 2009," writes the New York Times.

The few "homegrown plots" the report lists include gems like the Hollywood epic about the Iranian design to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US in Washington DC, with the help of Mexican drug cartels. 

What are we giving up our freedom and money for, again? Meanwhile, the attacks on Muslims' freedom continue.

Look out for an analysis of the report here, after it drops.

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