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Round up of Occupy surveillance/police abuse stories

In case you missed it, here's what's been going on regarding police surveillance and abuse of Occupy movements nationwide. As usual, the NYPD is a repeat offender.

  • Gawker's Adrian Chen exposes a private security contractor who was spying on Occupy Wall Street protesters and feeding information to the NYPD. "Security consultant" Thomas Ryan, who claims to have worked for the Department of Defense, was found to have infiltrated Occupy listserves and spaces. According to Chen, he fed information not only to the NYPD but also to the FBI.
  • Twitter user @lucykafanov posted a video from Occupy Wall Street, claiming it shows NYPD using strobe lights to prevent media from filming them. 
  • Here's a page entirely dedicated to NYPD violence at Occupy Wall Street. Here's a page describing the kinds of police surveillance in effect at Occupy protests, and advice for how demonstrators can protect themselves. 
  • Here in Boston, there's a photo circulating of a young woman who was allegedly choked by a BPD officer while being arrested last Monday night. 
  • Protesters in Boston are also upset about the BPD's large-scale destructrion/trashing of their personal property. The ACLUm has been asked to look into legal issues related to the incident and we will keep you updated on what we find out. 
  • Boston Police were again filming demonstrators at this weekend's large anti-war and student marches:
  • The ACLU of Massachusetts published a map of surveillance cameras around Occupy Boston's Dewey Square. Check it out.
  • Police nationwide are surveiling the activities of Occupy protesters: in Roanoke, Philadelphia, and Baltimore are a few examples. Here's a take on police surveillance at Occupy Wall Street that's worth reading.
  • UPDATE: NY congressman calls for investigation of NYPD conduct during Occupy Wall Street protests, saying that the cops had a little riot of their own.

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